Masters of Illusion - LIVE!

Believe the impossible! The hit television series, Masters of Illusion, breaks out of the box and into a live theatre near you!

Whether in Las Vegas or on television, magic has never been hotter!

There are more television specials and series involving magic than ever before and they are always ratings winners.

Associated Television International presents MASTERS OF ILLUSION, the largest magical touring show in the world.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a magic show in person. Audience members will marvel at the huge production values and be drawn in by the immediacy of a live performance. It's the time honored art of the master illusionist combined with the speed and modern design of the 21st century!

You'll see grand illusions, levitating women, appearances and vanishes, escapes, comedy magic, sleight of hand and beautiful dancers...everything you could possibly imagine and performances that you never dreamed possible - all rolled up into a live show!

And it's all LIVE! No camera tricks, no computer graphics – just amazing illusions in real time in front of a live audience.

It's a world-class live event coming to your town!

TICKETS: 35/-, 45/-

Show Dates

Saturday, October 01, 2016 at 7:30pm